removing co-ordinates in bubble charts on hovering the bubbles through tooltip

For part of my application I’m utilizing a Bubble Chart to display data. I was looking to be able to have it so that I can display certain information depending on where on the bubble chart I click, however it seems at the moment that the only times the OnClick microflow that I configured engages, are when I click on either the bubble itself, or strange predetermined spots throughout the rest of the chart. This results in the microflows being inaccurate with their results. My goal is to have it so that the user is able to click anywhere in the Bubble Chart, and based on the coordinates, give the user specific information. Is there a best practice for making this happen, as all of the research I have found seems to point to needing to use the AnyChart widget. If I can avoid having to completely reconfigure my charts from scratch, this would be optimal. Please let me know if there is any clarification needed. Thanks all!   Update: I did some more digging in the Bubble Chart widget, and I discovered two developments. First, the OnClick only engages on areas where hovering over the point causes a tooltip to appear. And second, the tooltips only appear at points where the X and Y values are the same (so {1,1}, {2,2}, etc.). Is there a way to change what points the tooltips appear, or if you can adjust the widget so that clicking between direct points or just any point in general can trigger the OnClick?
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