Mendix Stuido Pro template App encryption

Deploy the Mendix Stuido Pro template app locally. I want to access the app from the browser via https.Is this possible? The purpose is to check HTTP2 communication in the local environment. In the past community there was a way to sandwich a reverse proxy. It's different from what I want because I want to encrypt between the browser and the Mendix app. Is the following official information a case where Mendix becomes a client and performs encrypted communication to another system?
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Hi Yuuki,


For me it's still unclear why you want HTTPS to your localhost.

Running the Mendix runtime locally doesn't support SSL functionality between browser (client) and runtime (server) out of the box.

  • You could deploy to a (sandbox) environment to check everything. Why isn't that sufficient?
  • You are referring to the SAML Question, where Pim explains how to setup local SSL, why doesn't that address your needs?

The certificates documentation is a whole other domain, where the Mendix runtime consumes a REST-service (or webservice) as client from another server on the internet. Then there are possibilities to configure custom authorities or use a client certificate. This is a different kind of certificate than https-certificates.


Hope this helps a bit!



Thank you for answering.


I understand that TLS cannot be enabled locally.
I'm going to deploy to Mendix Cloud and see how HTTP/2 works.