Usage of Reference Selector on a 1-n n-1 relation via Microflow

This is a reformed question to some adaptions in the Mendix project regarding question : Mendix Forum - Question Details . This is not giving me a solution, so I try via another way: See the Domain Model:   I want to assign the OfficerPerGuardDuty to the Occupation. So, an OfficerPerGuardDuty can have multiple Occupation-items. The GuardDuty is 1 object passed via a parameter which is passed through another page. So, the GuardDuty doesn't change in this page. The Officer is to be picked out from the ReferenceSelector. However, I want that the options to pick from, are selected from the available Officers, assigned to the OfficerPerGuardDuty, which is assigned to the GuardDuty. So, every GuardDuty has a limited set of Officers.   I'm transferring the GuardDuty object via a parameter eventually to the page where the Officer has to be selected. I use the GuardDuty as a parameter to Microflow ACT_GetOfficersPerSelectedGuardDuty.      ACT_GetOfficersPerSelectedGuardDuty:      Now, I first Retrieve all Officers that are assigned to the GuardDuty that is given in the parameter. At least, I think I do. This is where I'm stuck. How do I make sure that only the officers from the Retrieve list are returned to the OfficerPerGuardDuty and eventually to the Reference-selector? I used the CreateOfficerPerGuardDuty to pass the object via the EndEvent $NewOffficersPerGuardDuty to the Dataview. I do this because it needs an Object and not a List. Actually, I don't know how to cast the List to an Object. Or is that a complete wrong way to pass the list of Officers thru to the Dataview/Reference-selector?   On this moment I do get the officers in the Reference-selector, however, I get all the officers. I only want the officers that are assigned to the GuardDuty via OfficerPerGuardDuty.    If anyone could point me in the right direction would be helpfull.   Here is the Retrieve:
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Hi Roy

You can use an XPath constraint under tab ‘Selectable Objects’ in the Renerence set selector to limit the list of Officers

Your XPath constraint should look something like this: