Cant add Associations to Objects in the Listen widget list?

Hi everyone please give me some advice. I'm trying to connect an Association set from an Entity to another Entity. I would like to see the image Apparently I added an Association to the Object in the Listen widget list After pressing the Save button, if you update the screen, it will be cleared. Also, even if you look at the Association table in DB, the value is not saved. Is there something that can't be saved as an Object in the Listen widget list? If anyone knows, please let me know. Best regards.
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Hi Daichi,

  • Object Not Committed: When you add an Association to an object in the Listen widget list, it might not be immediately committed to the database. Ensure that you have properly committed the object after adding the Association.

  • Transaction Handling: Make sure that you are handling transactions correctly. If there is an error during the Save action or if you are using a rollback mechanism, the changes may not be saved to the database.

  • Required Attributes: Check if there are any required attributes in the associated entity that have not been populated. If required attributes are missing, Mendix won't allow you to save the object until all required attributes are set.

  • Validation Errors: If there are validation rules defined on the associated entity, ensure that the data being saved adheres to these rules. Validation errors can prevent the object from being saved.

  • Access Rights: Verify that the user role executing the Save action has the necessary access rights to create or modify objects in the associated entity.

  • Event Handling: Ensure that there are no event handlers or microflows that might be unintentionally interfering with the Save action or Association set.