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Hello community. I'm creating an application on Mendix and some information is not well explained on the site, so I'm having doubts about how the platform is taxed. When I put it into production, several customers in my store will have to access the app to see my products (anonymous users), however, to buy, they will have to register and log in to the app to finalize the purchase, so we will use your registered data to the delivery. My question is, is each customer who registers to buy through my app considered by Mendix as a user, thus being charged by Mendix as a user of the application? or user would it be my employees who would have access to use the functionalities as a whole, that is, the more the company grows and registers employees, the higher the cost of the application?   Thanks in advance.
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There's different licensing models but in some instances it's my understanding that you only pay for active users. Reach out to Mendix to get current prices and licenses, you can use this link:


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