Simple dashboard page to show application process progress status using colour code for multiple applications.

I want to build simple dashboard page in which user can see the current status of listed application process(Not Started, running, failed or Completed) with corresponding colour codes ( no colour for not started, yellow for running, red for failed and green for completed). also I want to show counters for each status like user can see how many applications are pending for its process completion. status value for each app process can be retrived from SQL server db table. How simply I can do it in Mendix ?
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This is indeed possible in Mendix. Why not go ahead and try to create the page with some dummy values? You can then later create the microflows that retrieve the data or make a scheduled event that stores the data that needs to be shown. This way you can first try out if the page is satisfactory and then afterwards decide to create all the other functionality of the app.