How to place a search in navigation

Hi,   I there any way to place a search in the left navigation panel to search the menu. Some thing like below.      
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Hi RamaKrishnaDatt Vuppala,

To search documents from your App Explorer, you can use the following search bar:

You can also use a shortcut for this, using Ctrl + G to open up a search window where you can type your search:

I hope that helps, regards!


Sorry it seems like I missunderstood the question.


As far as I know there is not a way to place a search bar for the navigation items. The workaround that I would suggest is to create an Entity called Page, in which you can store a string value of PageName.


This way you could store the name of the pages (as a navigation list or navigation tree would) and display them in a data container inside your layout (which should be extracted on a snippet so you can place it on the layout).


With this you could replicate the behaviour of the navigation menu, setting each Page object displayed from that list with a custom action to open up the respective PageName (possibly a nanoflow with a javascript action to open up: your root application URL + "p/" + PageName) and finally setting a textbox filter on the top to replicate the search function.


Either way, this would make a great idea to suggest using the forums. I hope that helps you, regards!