How to auto-populate values in fields of a form.

Hi All, I want to select a search name from a dropdown/reference selector. And once I select any value from that dropdown the remaining other fields of the form should auto-populate its saved values in the form in the view.
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  • Add an "On Change" microflow to the reference selector.
  • Map the attributes of the retrieved object to the attributes of the object in the second reference selector.
  • Use the "Change object" activity to update the values in the second reference selector based on the retrieved data.
  • Inside the microflow, use the "Retrieve by association" activity to fetch related data based on the selected item from the reference selector.

Hi Aishwarya,

If you are using reference selector, add a on change microflow in that add retrieve by association activity and add a change object activity and in change object map the retrieved values which you want to auto populate