Sending e-Mail where sender is dynamic

My application have internal users from marketing department. The application will helps them to create quotation for customer. Is it possible to send the email message where the sender information (from) based on the email account of our marketing? Example: email message from Marketing A (email account: to customer X ( will have its sender as and destination to email message from Marketing B (email account: to customer Y ( will have its sender as and destination to
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Hi Yudhiy,

Interesting question indeed, and there are multiple options here. The first thing to ask yourself: as Mendix is not sending the e-mails, do you have a mail provider in mind already?

  • There are solutions like SendGrid and MailGun, which provides you extensive possibilities and an API to connect to Mendix to send mails. Definitely in marketing domain, this might be interesting.
  • If you stick to ‘simple’ SMTP sending, you need to check if you are allowed to change the From header at your SMTP-server.
  • You could also use the Microsoft Graph API for sending e-mails. Good to know: sending happens by an account (sender) and can originate from somebody (from). If ‘sender’ and ‘from’ differ, then mail clients will present it as “on behalf of”, which might be not something you want.

Good luck!