Merge two lists from different entity.

Hello, How can I merge two lists from different entity? I tried to do it using microflow, but I had an error. I think we can’t use Union for different entity but I have no idea how to solve this. Can you help me?
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Hi Gulden Beken

check below link for your reference-
Mendix Forum - Idea DetailsMendix Forum - Idea Details

Hope it helps


Hi Gulden,


Indeed, it's not possible to add objects of different entities in one lists, except for specializations.

You can have a list of Apples and a list of Bananas, but you may not mix them. You could however make both entities specialization of the Fruit (if that makes sense), and than add them to a list of Fruits.

The most important question here: why do you want to union two lists of different entities?