Get more information from event data in any chart

Hi everyone,   I am working on a scatter plot using any chart. I added a on-click event that gives chart data for that data point. It is giving details like X, Y, Point Number, Point index and Curve Number. How can I get extra information other than these default properties? Any suggestions would be appreciated.   Regards, Jyothi
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Hi there,


You can specify an ID for your point. The JSON structure would be something as follows:

        "curveNumber": 1,
        "pointNumber": 10,
        "pointIndex": 10,
        "x": "2023-02-22 02:00",
        "y": 8989,
        "id": "6e3b8e97-26aa-430a-8790-7ddf3d50bb57"

The ID can be any string value. For instance, we use it to identify the exact datapoint which we can then use for the rest of our logic.


Hope it helps!