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Hi all, I’m implementing reference selector to select a name of cargo owner.  I want  to search for the name but I don’t see a function of the reference selector which lets me use a search field or something similar. Is there a way to do this?
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Hey Hi Gulden, I am Jhansi!!

Domain Model:

There is Searchable selector widget

Through which we can implement search dropdown text.

CargonameINTransport – It will illustrate the example for ENUM option for Searchable selector widget.

While Cargo entity will illustrate the example of getting the reference objects searchable text.

Above is the edit page for Transport.

Above on is the properties if the datasource is the ENUM.

Above one has the configurations if the Datasource is Reference. You can also try Reference set on need bases.


Please check the configurations made in the Searching block of the widget.

According use it.

Hope you find it helpful.


Hello Gulden Beken,

You can use AutoComplete widget


Hello Gulden,


If you need multiple select then better to use Bootstrap multi-select widget.


Hope this helps.