Microflow Timer

I’m trying to use a microflow with two input parameters as the microflow triggered by the “Microflow Timer” widget. If I use only one parameter, everything is fine, two parameters and I get error CE7247: Microflow should have one parameter of type (...). Does anyone know if this is a Mendix’s limitation, or can it be considered a bug?
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Hi Massimo, 


This widget appears to have certain limitations. It's built on the Dojo framework and integrates with the Mendix client SDK. However, this combination results in limitations concerning specific actions, namely mx.data.action and mx.data.callNanoflow. It explicitly requires a Nanoflow or Microflow with a boolean return, which unfortunately means it forfeits the benefits associated with Mendix widget's action-type event.


I recommend taking a look at the “Action Scheduler” widget:


With it, you can set multiple parameters or utilize any available execution action in Mendix.


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Hi I am also facing the same issue as i am using microflow timer widget to call a nanoflow in a listview .

I want to pass the list to nanoflow ,but i couldn't.It is showing the nanoflow parameter should be object.