DataView with 2 Page Parameters

Hi, i have a page with two page parameters. One is the main (IT_Kunde) with all data and the other is for the actual user (User). I use a Dataview to show/modify the main data and that works all fine. There is a DataGrid2 in a Dataview to show the list. I want to save the config of the Datagrid2 for the actual user, so i have to save the unlimited string of the attribute in the user. But of course i can’t reach the user as the Dataview only shows ONE of the two page parameter. So how to get the second page parameter in the dataView or through the dataview. Hope the question is not confused ;-) Torsten  
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Hi Ronald,

the hint with the microflow was good.

i made a mf to fill the data and so the problem is solved and works great..

Thanks for the smal thing ;-)