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Hello everyone. I hope you are doing well. I would like to fill in a form with information acquired by scanning various QR codes. That is, I have an entity with several attributes, this entity I have it in an editable form, and I want that through the scanning of several QR codes, I can fill each attribute or field of the form. Thanks for your help.
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Hey Sergio,


If I understand right you have a form on a page, with each entry field on the form mapping to an attribute for your main entity. And you want to be able to have the user flow through those attributes, filling in data by scanning a QR code.
So the user scans a code and then the application automatically moves to the next field for them to scan?


One of the ways you can achieve this is by using the ‘Set focus’ activity in the Accessibility section of the Toolbox for nanoflows. This will allow you to dynamically set the focus based on a class name or element id. You can also use some of the other activities in that same section like ‘Focus next’.
Using these activities in an on change nanoflow for the different fields should get you to the functionality you described.


I hope this helps,