How can I pass an object from one microflow to another from a non-persistent entity?

I have a persistent entity that stores some attributes. By scanning QR codes (different microflows) I want to assign the scanned values to each attribute of the persistent entity. For example, in the first scan I have a numeric value and I assign it to an attribute. Then I scan other values with a different microflow and assign them to other attributes of the persistent entity. And so on I fill the form of the persistent entity only with scans from different microflows. How do I pass the value returned by the first scan microflow to the second one?
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Hi Sergio,


The Object you create in the first Microflow, that you used to fill an Attribute with the scanned value, you can pass on to the next Atrifact. If after the Microflow you open a Page, the Object to pass is the PageParameter. On that Page, you can use that Object as a Parameter in the Microflow that you trigger. Also, that PageParameter can be the source of your Data view so ahow the progress of scanning.


If you call a second Microflow from the first one the Parameter of the Microflow is used to pass the Object.


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