Trigonometric functions in Mendix 10

Hi all, I am trying to find a way to perform calculations with trigonometric functions in Mendix. I found a module that does it but it does not work for Mendix 10 versions. Is there another way to do it?   Thanks.
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Hello :) 


You could maybe try to implement your own custom java action and do the trigonometric calculations using Java. 


Java Programming | Mendix DocumentationJava Programming | Mendix Documentation

Java Action Call | Mendix DocumentationJava Action Call | Mendix Documentation


You can setup eclipse like this

 Using Eclipse | Mendix DocumentationUsing Eclipse | Mendix Documentation


Specific java references for using trigonometric functions could be found here 

formula - How does Java calculates trigonometry - Stack Overflowformula - How does Java calculates trigonometry - Stack Overflow


Guess you want to use this module in your Mx 10 project?


What you can do is

  1. Create a Mx9.24 project
  2. Download the module in that model
  3. Export the module and store it locally
  4. Open your Mx10 project
  5. Import the module
  6. Run the model once.

Or drop me a mail @ and I'll send you the converted module package. ;-)


One side note: Cannot give 100% guarantee the JAVA actions are 100% Mx10 proof. My guestimation is that they will.