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Hi team,   I wish to take the mendix trainer certification, What is the procedure or process if anybody know please tell me
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Hey Ramanjaneya and everyone who is interested in becoming a Mendix-certified trainer,


Academy here. What we are looking for in a trainer:

- sufficient Mendix project experience (somewhere around 3+ years is a good start)

- at least certified intermediate developer (ideally advanced developer for more than half a year)

- no track-record of any cheating behaviors in Mendix exams

- good command of Mendix best practices

- deep technical understanding of Mendix and fluent navigation through Studio Pro and the Mendix ecosystem

- strong story-telling capabilities

- strong classroom handling capabilities


If you think you meet those requirements, please reach out to us at


Hey Ramanjaneya,


Please contact

You'll be connected to the team running the Train-the-Trainer program.


Hi Ramanjaneya Reddy,


Welcome to Mendix. Please go through the   Mendix ( and signup complete learning path after you will get Certification. Please contact any quires team will help you