Excel Exporter / XLSReport module, DateTime constraint configuration not working. How to report or fix that?

I'm using Excel Exporter / XLSReport module to export excel. The constraint is configured to export last 10 days' data. That is the configuration is set to a datetime field to "Greater" than "10" days "before" current datetime. But that's not working. After a lot of tests and try, I found there are flaws in DateTime constraint of XLSReport. 1. The "Smaller", "Smaller and equal" will work, but the "Greater", "Greater and equal" will not work. If I configured the "Greater", no one record will be returned.  2. The "10" days "before" not working at all, no matter how many number you input in the "10" field, that not take effect, the days will not be filtered, and every record will be returned.    The Excel Exporter version is 7.2.0. And I upgraded it to latest version 7.4.0, the problems also exists.   SO my question is, how to report that to XLSReport team? Where the code of XLSReport is? Can I contribute to it?  
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And you're sure that you have records that meet that constraint for  "Greater", "Greater and equal" of that attribute to return some rows?




It now works.


"Smaller" means >

"Greater" means <

number is measured in days

"Before" "After" has the same meaning in English.



"Smaller" "3" "Before": will return records from 3 days ago to the future

"Greater" "3" "Before": will return records earlier than 3 days ago

The above configuration makes sense in English.


The below configuration will also return value, but has opposite sense in English:

"Smaller" "3" "After": will return records from 3 days later to the future

"Greater" "3" "After": will return records from the past to 3 days later


So the "Greater" "Smaller" makes English sense when paired with a time in the past. And has opposite English sense with a time in the future.

After all, it will return value although has opposite English sense.


And these are equal:

"Smaller" "3" "Before" = "Smaller" "-3" "After"

"Greater" "3" "Before" = "Greater" "-3" "After"