Cant download project via Wifi, but can via hotspot

I have no idea why this is. but in the office, sometimes I cant download a repository via wifi. if I switch to my phone hotspot it will download instantly.   speed test on laptop connected to phone hotspot   speed test on same laptop, connecting to wifi (seems like a better connection, but is in Christchurch?).   edit:  the timeout error I get on wifi   Idea forum post    
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Hi Jason,


From the behaviour, I suspect the DNS Server. Can you add Google as your DNS Server?


The error is comming from the underlying .NET. 100.000 ms is the default value for


If not DNS, there is a problem with your internet connectivity. Some tests can be done to find out the time and length of the outage. With that, you can create an Incident by your provider.


If you need more information, you know how to reach me.


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