API is working in POSTMAN but not in my integration

Hello, I've been trying to integrate Speakatoo for Text-to-Speech conversion, and while the Speakatoo API works fine on Postman, I'm encountering issues with the integration in my application. I'm curious if anyone else has experienced a similar situation or has insights on troubleshooting this. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated!
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I've encountered this a lot, and most of the times it's because of the (missing) HTTP-headers. Postman automatically sends these along:

  • Content-Type: When you're sending a body, you need to specify how this is formatted, probably you want to set that to 'application/json'
  • Accept: When you're expecting a response, you need to specify what formats you accept, probably you want to set that to '*/*' to accept everything

So you can add this here: