Seeking Help to Optimize Sign-In and Synchronization Performance in Mendix Native Mobile App

I'm encountering performance issues in my native mobile app developed using Mendix, specifically during the sign-in process and synchronization of data. I appreciate any insights or suggestions that might help me optimize the app's performance. Issue 1: Slow Sign-In Process When users attempt to sign in for the first time, there's a considerable delay before they can navigate to the home page. This delay is impacting the overall user experience, and I'm looking for ways to reduce the sign-in time. Issue 2: Slowness in Synchronizing Lists Additionally, I'm experiencing significant slowness when synchronizing lists to update with new values. It's important to note that my app is designed to be online-only, and I don't need to support offline capabilities. Therefore, I'm not interested in storing the server database in the local mobile database.   I've already attempted to limit synchronization using XPath, but it hasn't provided the desired results in my specific case.   1.Are there specific best practices for optimizing the sign-in process in Mendix native mobile apps? 2.How can I improve the performance of list synchronization without resorting to storing the server database locally?   Any guidance, tips, or experiences you can share would be immensely helpful in resolving these performance issues Thank you in advance for your time and assistance!
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were you able to resolve this issue? .. I am facing the same issue if you could help me.