User Image is not showing from profile entity

Hi everyone, I have already created profilepicture entity that connected to current user. And I make a container that can show the uploader's profile pictures. I managed to get the username but why the picture is not showing?   
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If you have already created/added a profilepicture to someone's account, then, in your account dataview, drop a dataview with the associated entity (i.e. profilepic over account) and then the actuale image viewer with just simply profilepicture as the context.



1. Account dataview

2. ProfilePicture, over association, dataview within 1.

3. an image viewer with just the profile picture object as context.


That should work. But this is all based on not having seen how your page is laid out so post a screenshot of that as well.





Hi Sindy,


try to use dynamic image widget inside the data view. Make sure data view is connected to Account entity and Image widget is connected to Profile picture entity through association as shown in Image.


It will work.

Screenshot 2023-12-13 121704.png


Screenshot 2023-12-13 121726.png