After login, it does not redirect users based on their role

Hi,  I am trying to create a fitness application in Mendix and I am new in this. I have 2 roles (Trainer and Clients)  For the app home page i selected a page where a "anonymous user" can click 2 buttons "sign in as Trainer" or "Sign in as Client", so i have 2 login pages and 2 registration pages and it all works... but, when i use login as a trainer or a client, it doesnt show me the "Role-based homepage" that i picked for them it shows me the default web page. In navigation I configured different home pages based on the role, so I dont know what I am doing wrong. after login as a client or a trainer, i want it to open a different page. Do i need to link the entities from Domain model to these roles? If I need to do it, how do i do it? I cant find any help online   Here is the screenshot of the Role-based home pages window: Neautorizirani_korisnik means anonymous user Treneri means Trainer Klijenti means Clients   Thanks for help in advance!!!!
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I'm not quite sure what you mean with "linking roles to entities", but I don't think that's the way to go.

If you're new to Mendix, I advise to follow some learning paths to get to know the platform. 

Chapter 9 of the "Become a Rapid Developer" learning path seems particularly relevant for your question: