Refresh a certain dataview inside of another dataview(for native application)

I have a Dataview 'A'(whose data source is Context object) inside of which are multiple dataviews whose data source is via nanoflow. There is 1 dataview 'B' who gives list of nutritional values depending upon the quantity selected in dataview 'C'(contains dish). Now when I increase the quantity of a dish in dataview 'C', I want to refresh just the dataview 'B' and not the whole dataview 'A'. How should I approach it? ** It is for native mobile application
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Make sure to download the NanoflowCommons module. In this module you have javascript activities 'refresh object' and 'refresh entity'. You can call a nanoflow and trigger one of these activities, depending on what you need.


Refresh entity will refresh the whole entity in the client. Thus, will affect all objects of the entity which are present in the client. Refresh object will only refresh the targeted object. not affecting other objects of the same entity present in the client.