Problem setting up Open AI Connector

I am unable to connect to my Chatgpt Connector by Germini from downloaded from marketplace.t connector after importing the module to my Home page.I have already changed my API key to my own,saem for the v1 completions links of open AI but it still says I have an error I really do not know how to solve it anymore.
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The error is telling you that you can no longer use text-davinci-003 as your model, you can read more here:


I don't know the module well enough, but I suspect you'll be able to configure the model somewhere. If so, you could try a different one like gpt-3.5-turbo-instruct.


Edit: I hada  look in the module, it looks like you'll have to add it in the "Model" parameter of the "Call Chat Completions API" java action.