Seeking Guidance on Transitioning to Multi-Group Registration in Mendix Cloud

Hello Mendix Community, We are currently in the process of transitioning our existing single-group application to support multiple customer groups. Our goal is to implement an initial registration process in the Mendix Cloud that allows users to register for their respective customer groups and gain access to group-specific environments.   Here's where we need your expertise: Transition Strategy: We're seeking guidance on the best approach to transition from our current single-group setup to a multi-group registration system. What are the key steps we should consider during this transition? Registration in Mendix Cloud: Users will begin the registration process on our application hosted in the Mendix Cloud. During registration, they'll be prompted to select their customer group from a list of options (e.g., healthcare, finance, education). Group-Specific Data Collection: Upon selecting their customer group, users will fill out a registration form tailored to collect group-specific information. This ensures that we gather all necessary data required for membership within their respective groups. Redirect to Customer Group Servers: After completing registration, users will be seamlessly redirected to their respective customer group servers. This transition will enable them to access the features and functionalities specific to their group's environment. Unified Module Usage: All groups' users will utilize the same modules within the application, but each group's environment will be customized to give the appearance of being tailored specifically for that group. Registration Form Design: What are the best practices for designing registration forms within the Mendix Cloud environment, particularly when accommodating multiple customer groups? How can we ensure a seamless user experience during the registration process? Integration Challenges: We anticipate challenges in integrating the registration process with customer group servers. Are there any specific considerations or best practices we should be aware of when implementing server redirection for different customer groups? Security Measures: How can we ensure data security and privacy during the registration process, especially when dealing with sensitive information across multiple customer groups? We value your insights and expertise in navigating this transition. Any advice, tips, or recommendations you can provide would be greatly appreciated   Thank you for your assistance!  
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