How to call nanoflow or microflow from navigation menu passing current context object? TreeView from Navigation List?

Hi,    How can I resolve this case? 1. Can I refer to the current context from the menu? 2. Can I make the navigation tree item like a tree view?     I want to call a microflow or nanoflow from the menu by passing the current context as a parameter, as shown below. However, the menu cannot refer to the page parameter.     So, I replaced the menu with a navigation list and a group of buttons as below, and it works as I expected. However, I cannot make a hierarchical structure of the navigation list widget.     I appreciate any response from you.  
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To solve you hierarchy issue with the buttons, you could extend the 'MainItem' entity with an attribute that captures if you clicked the Main or Some button and use conditional visibility on the rows for Basic, Ext and Attachment based on the 'clicked' value.