Datagrid 2 -> Multi Selection -> Checkbox -> Condition for visibility

Hi, It is possible set condition for checkboxes in datagrid 2 with multi selection? I would like to set checkboxes only for rows with status "New" (for example).  
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Hi Igor


You should be able to do this by using the dynamic row classes property within data grid 2. It is not something that is available out of the box, so you will need some CSS styling for this. 

The CSS should look something like this: 

.nocheckboxrow > div > input[type=checkbox] {

Then within your data grid 2, you can add the 'nocheckboxrow' class in the dynamic row classes like this: 

if $Shipment/Status != 'New'
then 'nocheckboxrow'
else ''


If you need a refresher on how to style your application, you can always find it here:

I hope this helps!