How to send an anonymous user a url link from one app, passing a param in the url so that it opens a page in the 2nd app.

We want to generate a link (url) in App A that has an encoded piece of information in it and then send this link to an anonymous user of App A.  When user of App A clicks the link they need to be taken to a specific page in App B (also an anonymous user) and verify some information.   This looks possible with Page and Microflow URLS in Mendix 10, but we are currently only on 9.24 and won't be able to upgrade before release.  Page URLs in Mendix 9 can handle the page redirect but not the parameter that we need to pass.  I believe Deeplink module is also a possibility but not sure how to implement it for our use case as App A would generate deeplink which needs to point to App B.  Also Deeplink module is deprecated in Mendix 10 so not sure it is best route to follow.   Any suggestions would be appreciated.   Thanks Kath
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I would still use the deeplink module. But you still need to create a pending link in App B. Depending on how much data either use an API for this to create the pending link in App B or also use a deeplink for that.

So in App A the link is created with certain data. Then from App A use a deeplink to transport this data to App B with probably two parameters: the page that needs to be shown and the unique ID that is also in the link to the anonymous user. That second deeplink in App B creates a pending link so that the link to the user becomes valid in App B.