DeepLink does not work in MX version 10

Hello, We are reaching out to seek technical advice regarding Mendix. Let me briefly explain the scenario of the app we've developed: Instead of the default login.html, we've created a custom login page. We've developed a simple inquiry registration page using MX. Implemented DeepLink for immediate access to inquiries for the relevant personnel, skipping the login page. Following the recommendation of MX v10, we've directly implemented it in the Microflow instead of using the existing DeepLink module.   In the logged-in state of MX, DeepLink works perfectly fine. The issue arises when: Upon clicking the DeepLink in a logged-out state, the login page is called for login attempts, and after successful login, it redirects to the main page instead of the DeepLink page. It seems that the URL information is not received upon initial entry if not logged in. To summarize the question, we would appreciate any assistance with the DeepLink URLs issue.   Try before   Try after -> Login success -> Main page (not DeepLink page)   Kind regards,
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I have confirmed that this issue has been resolved in version 10.8.1.