What skills / transferrable experience to look for if we cant find a Mendix Developer....

Hello,    We've been tasked with finding a Mendix Developer who's willing to be hybrid / on-site so our geography is limited (Austin, TX) however when we source on this role, the pool of Mendix Developers / Mendix Certified Developers is extremely small and limited. After 1 day of sourcing, we've pretty much contacted everyone who openly markets that they have this experience online.    Question: What alternate profiles can we consider for this role short of someone with direct Mendix experience? What other low / no-code platforms behave similarly to Mendix where if they had that experience, they could transition seamlessly to using Mendix? For example, we've seen some Outsystems Developers and posit that perhaps those with Outsystems experience could quickly ramp up on Mendix.   Also are there any other foundational technical skills that we should look for that would give someone a short runway to pick up Mendix? Front End skills? Python? The ecosystem of Mendix Certified Developers is small so we're trying our best to be open-minded about the profile we're looking for.    To be transparent, I own a staffing firm and am helping a client with this requriement - This is a genuine question and we appreciate you taking some time to respond here. 
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Hi Johnny,


I have successfully reskilled/upskilled pro-code (Java/JavaScript) and other Low-Code platform developers like Camunda.


One of my ex-colleagues was trained in both Mendix and Outsystems. He told me the platforms have similarities that allow people to switch faster. The people I mentioned above are the ones who feel confident solving the more technical side of the Maker spectrum.


The best Maker I ever trained was a lady who studied economics in Prague, she was able to combine her trained technical skills with her creative skills. She was blogging and had a gift for working with people. She shifted without effort from the technical role to the BA/PO role and back.


Purely high-code developers will need to get used to the velocity of creating applications using Mendix. At first glance, they will be sceptical that Low-Code can be powerful enough. But once they grasped the power, they liked it. (yes, and sometimes they still mention that they can do a thing in the code with one line, which takes 3 to 4 actions in Mendix)


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