Seeking Guidance for Dynamic Navigation Bar with Drag-and-Drop Feature

"Hello everyone, As a beginner in Mendix development, I'm seeking guidance on how to tackle a specific challenge. I aim to create a navigation bar with a drag-and-drop feature for subfolders. The twist is that the values for the navigation bar need to be sourced dynamically from a large and complex Excel sheet. How can I achieve this in Mendix? Furthermore, I'm also looking for assistance on ensuring that these values update automatically whenever changes are made to the Excel sheet. Any insights or guidance from more experienced developers would be invaluable to me. Thank you!"
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Using the navigation bar will not be an option, since that is defined via StudioPro.

What you could do is create an import from your Excel file to store the values in tables (incl. hierarchy). You would be able to display them in related list views, but if you want to have some drag/drop functionality, you may want to look into adding a widget and/or take a look at this sample project

Alternative solution and sample.


Question remains how you to integrate updating the excel and (automatically) update the (also changed) records in your app.. My suggestion there would be to first get it working manually (create the logic) and then look into creating a Scheduled Event to trigger the logic (including uploading new versions of the Excel file to your app).