SSO and SAML2.0 module login

Hello everyone. I am using the SAML2.0 module to log in with Azure AD functionality and Microsoft corporate accounts. I manage to log in and I know that the SAML2.0 module creates the user and stores it in the Account and User entities. When I view the new user created, it does not assign the full name and email (Login) of the user as seen in the image:     I want that when the user logs in with the corporate email, it saves the user with their respective data: full name and email. I appreciate if someone can guide me how to obtain this data or what is the microflow that is executed when the user is created.   I will receive any help with gratitude.   Sergio Latorre
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Hi Sergio , 


Refer the below blog to achieve it 


Refer Step 5 and Step 7 in the blog