How to style a button in Mendix studio pro 10.8.1 ?

I have just started learning Mendix and was going through the 'Become a Rapid Developer' course.   I am using Mendix studio pro v10.8.1 and there while styling a button I am seeing the below message in the appearance tab:   The general tab doesn't have any property called 'class' as seen below which I though I could use to define custom css in the main.scss file   I would like to understand how to target an element for styling and if anyone could direct me to a guide on how to style elements in Mendix Studio Pro v10.6 and greater, it would be great!
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Hi Romir,


In the latest versions of mendix, the styling section is done in Properties of the elements.


Here, you can see In properties, go to styling section and you can find class input. I think you got it.


if your properties were not showing, then get it from View of Control bar. View > Properties.


Screenshot 2024-04-02 154326.png


Hello Romir,


You need to have the properties toolbar added to your mendix studio pro:



Styling in mendix is done with classes or with styling directly written on the element, more information can be found here;


Check also out the learning paths related to styling:


image.pngHope this helps


Good luck


The option has moved to Styling Properties. See below