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Good day   We noticed an issue where a Microflow executed via task queue did not run for a time period of about 5 days. In the parent Microflow calling it there are 2 others in their own queues that executed that have no issues At the start of the failing Microflow we log a message that it has started but nothing is found for those 5 days What are some reasons a task queue could get blocked and where can we start investigating what caused the block?   Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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Hi Tian,

If you are running version 9.21.0 it may be wise to upgrade to the LTS version. There were several fixes involving the task queue afaik.

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In addition to the other answers, I'd recommend installing the Task Queue Helper module from the Marketplace. I've found it really useful to see what is going on with my queues.




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Hi Tian,


Did you take a look at the ProcessedQueueTask and QueuedTask tables in the System module? They might provide you more information on whether the task was actually put in the queue.


If they cannot be found there I suggest taking a look at the Mendix logging by for example checking the Message table from the Logging marketplace module to get more insight on what happened in your microflow.


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