How can I provide my excel template in a module package ?

I have created a module which can be used in other application which includes use of an excel template. Is there a way that I can provide this excel template in the module ? 
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You can base64 encode your file and use that encoded string as variable in your microflow, where you let a user download the template (I'm guessing thats the use case). Go to Base64 Encode and Decode - Online and encode your Excel file.


ACT_Template_Download would look something like this

1. Create variable 'String' and paste the base64 endoded string of your filedocument in there

2. Create filedocument (or specialization) to be downloaded, with a proper filename and extension

3. Java action from CommunityCommons.Decode64ToFile and pass your parameters

4. Download filedocument


Hope this helps you to find a workable solution!


The easiest way, I think would be to create an app package with a data snapshot. 


Others would be able to use this as a starting point for their own app. 


More information about exporting can be found here and info about importing can be found here.