Upgrade application from Mendix 9 to 10

Hi,  I would like to upgrade my app from Mendix 9.24.3 to Mendix 10. I know that I need to migrate to git from svn but the button to convert to git does not appear on Team Server even though I am a scrum master.    Following prerequisites should be fulfilled: The main line (‘main’) branch in the app is Mendix version 9.24.11 or above All branches in the app are Mendix version 9.12 or above Current version control is in Team Server SVN The size of the .mpr file for the latest revision of your app is less than 125MB The version control history consists of fewer than 1250 commits How can I solve the situation?
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Hi Jonathan,


You mention that you want to upgrade from 9.24.3 to 10, but the first prerequisite mentions that the mainline should at least be 9.24.11. Double check all the prerequisites and if the alert to migrate still does not show up, maybe create a support ticket? https://support.mendix.com/hc/en-us