Widget Timer in Native application

Hello community, i am trying to implement a timer in a native application. Since most of widgets available in mendix marketplace are for the web version, i couldn't find anything to make a visual timer in a native page that shows a countdown. The only wdiget i found for native version is this one, which appears to not work anymore since it shows some errores when opening the page: https://marketplace.mendix.com/link/component/211603 I upload some screenshots of the errors that appeared in the console.   I also thougth of implementing my own timer using Mendix's Microflow Timer that excecutes a nanoflows which increments a variable each second, in order to show that number into the native page, but i don't know if that implementation affects the application's performance. Also, it doesn't provide an in-page circle that shows the progression of the timer. (which i would have to implement by myself)   Can someone give me an advice in how to implement a timer in a native app?  
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What you are looking for is the App Events  widget. It comes with the NativeMobileResources module