Automatic updating of Text Box within Data view when Attribute in SQL-Database has been changed

Dear Community,   In my Mendix application, data can be viewed and edited. This data is stored in an SQL database. Assume there is the entity "Client" with different attributes (e.g. ID, Name, Age, Adress, Title).  In my application, the User first sees an overview page in which the ID and name of all Clients are displayed as a list using a DataGrid 2. The data source for DataGrid 2 is a microflow in which the SQL query is called. Clicking on a specific user on the overview page opens a new page. In this page, in addition to the ID and name of the user, further information can be seen in text boxes (Data source of Text box is the corresponding attribute from data base). A data view is implemented in this second page and "Context" is selected as the data source. The user can edit and save the data here. The edited attributes are then saved to the sql database with the help of a microflow. Let's assume I have opened the same page twice for a specific user. In one page, I change an attribute and save it. I can see in the sql database that the attribute now has the new value. The other page still shows the old value. I would like the second window to update automatically. Currently, I have to go "back" to the overview page click on the Client again to see the new value.   Unfortunately I can't find a solution, can anyone give me a hint?
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If you set the 'Refresh in client' to yes in the commit action, all usages of that object will be updated. So as long as the user has a single webpage open, this should update any page, regardless the previous value shown.