Mendix License question - Is Basic Enough

Hi everyone,   I need to create a simple application to a client for employee evaluation and I was wondering if the basic license would be enough.    Basically, the goal is to have a list of employees and inside all the evaluation they had over the quarters. The evaluation is divided into categories and then have multiple evaluations bullets by category. The application shouldn’t have more than 100 users. The most complex part of the requirements is that the application should be mobile first and needs to produce pdfs with the report of each evaluation.   The Basic license is enough for this? What else should I be aware as limitations for the Basic license?   Best, Marcelo
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Hi Marcelo,


The basic license has a very limited amount of resources and has a maximum number of users at 100. I believe the main factor would be the number of simultaneous users that you would expect at peak usage. I will include a link to the specifications and limitations of a basic license.


Mendix Basic Package | Mendix Documentation