How to join the Mendix Community on Slack

I get this when I try to join Mendix Community on Slack:   Join Mendix Community on Slack Start by entering the email address you use for work. Continue You can use any account with the domain: Don’t have an email address from one of those domains?Contact the workspace administrator at Mendix Community for an invitation.   I don't have an email address for any of those domains. What do I do next?
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Hi Mark,

Maybe some stray cookies hanging around in your browser or Slack app.  You should be able to join with this link: and AFAIK, there is not restriction on the email domain you can use to sign up for the Mendix Slack.  If that link doesn't work, feel free to contact me at and I'll try to get you signed up for the Mendix Slack community.

Hope that helps,