Mendix Snippet Parameter from over association

Hi everyone, hope you all have a great day.  I am new in this Mendix Platform. Before using mendix i am using Laravel Framework.   I have a snippet with a entity parameter. i want to use dataGrid2 for displaying my data.   Then i call the snippet in ..._NewEdit Page but it give an error: "the selected snippet expect an object StockDetail, which is not available here." (i think it because i use over association).   Can anyone give me any solution or suggestion for this problem? Any suggestion and help are welcome. (I think i should do with workflow, nanoflow, xpath, for the parameter. but i think it should have any other solutions).   Thanks
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In the snippet you have the parameters (yellow icon), it says Parameter (1). If you click on it, you can see the parameters. Make sure this parameter matches the object from the page.


At your page the snippet is placed inside of a data view StockOpname. This means the parameter of the Snippet should also be StockOpname and it looks like it’s now StockDetail. If StockDetail is not available at the page, the parameter can’t be added to the snippet.