Implementing Automatic User Logout After Period of Inactivity in Mendix

Dear Mendix Community, My team and I are currently working on a project where we need to implement a feature that automatically logs out users after a period of inactivity within our Mendix application. While we understand the importance of security and user management, we're relatively new to Mendix development and could use some guidance on how to approach this task effectively. We're particularly interested in learning: What are the recommended techniques or best practices for detecting user inactivity within a Mendix application? Once we've identified that a user is inactive, how can we trigger the logout process programmatically? Are there any Mendix-specific features or modules that we should leverage to simplify the implementation of automatic user logout? As beginners in the Mendix community, we would greatly appreciate any advice, insights, or examples you can share based on your experience. Thank you in advance.   Best Regards
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There are timeouts built into the Mendix platform that will log the user out after amount of inactivity. Have a look at the SessionTimeout setting.


You may also want to look at the Session Timeout module in the Marketplace if you need to alert users they are about to be logged out.


I hope this helps.