What is the best route to follow if I want to fully learn developing with Mendix.

I'm new here on Mendix and to some extend I'm liking this platform. I already finished Rapid Developer and Going Mobile Modules, now I'm busy with Crash Course. It gets a bit confusing when I finish a module and I don't know which one to next go to. I need help in getting the best learning path/route to follow if I'm to get the best out of Mendix.
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True sometimes academy courses feel like we are stuck, where to go next 

but nevertheless you can  try udemy , there some of good mendix courses available 


also create projects like leave application, mentors app(where you can select mentor for you from list of available people and connect with them via emails & social media), some tracker application where you connect to some api and fetch real time data and display to users.

Good luck!