How to change browser tab title when previewing document

Hi all,    Here's the issue: a user can upload any kind of document on a designated page. We included a button to either download or preview the document. The button triggers a workflow that only includes the action "Download file Document" with the option "Show file in browser instead of downloading, if possible" ticked.    It generally all works fine. PDF and image files are shown in the browser and Word docs are downloaded. So far, so good. However, the browser title does not show the name of the document. Example: I uploaded a file called "test2.pdf". I then simply duplicated this file on my desktop twice and called these files "test3.pdf" and "test4.pdf". The browser title for all three files says "Microsoft Word - test2.docx".    I then created a completely new Word document, which I named "TESTNEW" and then printed it to pdf. The suggested name was "NEWTEST.pdf", I saved it with that name. The browser title again refers to the Word document and reads "Microsoft Word - NEWTEST.docx".    Does anyone know where this comes from? The name of the document in the database is correct. I've tried changing the name before the Download function but the browser title remains the same.    Any help is appreciated!   Thank you, Jenny
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Never had that issue, but please see if the below post helps:


The link contains replies that tell how to change the title-metadata of a pdf. This can be done, for instance, on the "Save As", while saving the word document as pdf. (3rd answer).


Hope this helps