Cannot select associated data when selecting entity (intermediate learning paths)

Hello   I'm studying intermediate courses. --> Building an Event App Using Microflows      4. Signing up for the Event   I tried to save the ProgramItem during this process. However, an error occurs because the ProgramItem_Day value is empty as shown in the picture below.     I think this is because there is no Day item on the ProgramItem_NewEdit screen, I tried to enter data by adding a label, but there are no values in the list to select.     Why is only ProgramItem_Day not selected? This also causes an error in the example file provided by the course.   How should we solve this problem?     I have attached a picture of the domain. Please help me. Thank you!
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Hi yubi,

I believe that Day object is not created on the way, or not retrieved, so it is empty. I can suggest you to check the microflow where these objects are created and see if day item is created there.