How to merge my previous mendix account to my current account as I dont have access to previous email id

Hi, I have completed some certification of mendix in my previous organization . Few days I have changed my organization, I have to create a new mendix account with my current organization email id. I don't have access to my previous organization email id . So how can I merge my previous mendix account to current one so that my all mendix certification should be shown in my current mendix account. Please help me out as it is urgent. Thanks,
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Hi Trishla,

If you go to "See your profile" and look in the top right corner, you'll find the merge option. Also, as you mentioned, include the certification you obtained in your last organization. Follow the link below to create a request:


Mendix's support team will assist you with this, as they helped me with a similar issue. I hope this helps you out!