Need help with push notifications for PWA on Mendix 10

Looking for a PWA expert with regards to push messages!    Hi, we are currently working on a PWA for the University of Twente and are encountering some issues in receiving push messages. We tried to use the module 'WebPushNotifications.' While this module was previously available on the marketplace, it's no longer accessible.   Currently, we're experiencing inconsistencies where push notifications are not reliably delivered to mobile devices. The delivery of the notification seems to be random. Most of the times it does not get delivered when the app is open in the background or when the app is closed. When the app is open and active, the chance of receiving the notification is higher, but then some users receive a Chrome message stating "This site has been updated in the background," without receiving the intended notification.   Upon researching, we found that this message is automatically displayed by Google Chrome when a website sends a push message, but the notification fails to appear to the user.   Our team is seeking guidance and insights from fellow developers who may have successfully implemented push notifications on PWAs using 'WebPushNotifications' or any alternative solutions.   If you've encountered similar challenges or have a working solution, we'd greatly appreciate any advice or assistance you can provide.   Hope to hear from you! The awesome Mendix team at the University of Twente    PS. The Studio Pro version we are using is 10.6.8, which was not an option in the input field. However, the question is also relevant to Mendix 9 where we had the same issue.
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Pushnotifications on IOS are currently not working for PWA's. Mendis is planning to get this to work in 10.12. But no guarantees for this. So you will have to wait I bit I think to get push notifications working again.