How to pass the dynamic data to email instead of email compose screen

Hi All,   I have integrated email connector and other required plugging for email ( MX Model Reflection , Encryption ) and I added one button on navigation , when click the button it call microflow ( snap below for your ref  - snap 1 ).   when I click that button it shows email compose screen ( snap 2 ) but I don't want that. I want to pass the data as dynamically to email   for example : user submit the workflow or place any order means the email should automatically trigged with respective details.   snap 1:     snap 2:
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Hi Venkatjalpathy,

In a microflow, where you want to send the email,

you can create a string variable, there, you can create the contents of the email, which you want to send.

I'll recommend using html format, for the email content.


Then create an emailMessage object from the email module,

Retrieve the EmailAccount and set the email content into the emailMessage

and use the SUB_SendEmail submicroflow to send the email.

You can refer from the image below,

image.pngLet me know, if you have any issues,

Hope it helps!